How Whirlpool Tubs Can Help Many Different Afflictions

How Whirlpool Tubs Can Help Many Different Afflictions

Benefits of Whirlpool Tubs

While many people buy special whirlpool tubs because they enjoy relaxing with the water jets gently massaging their tired muscles at the end of long day, there are also plenty of people that actually have prescriptions from their doctors for them.

There are many ailments, some really obvious and others not, that can be completely eliminated or at least lessened by a water jet massage. Here are a few tips on how to get the best use from your whirlpool bath.

The Medical Term Is Hydrotherapy.

Whether you are suffering from muscle pain, sleep disorders, PTSD, or even just excessive stress, research has shown that the more time you spend in a soothing whirlpool of water the better you feel. Some tubs can be pretty pricey. So we would recommend having your contractor first locate a wholesale whirlpool tub dealer to try to negotiate the best price for you.

You will be amazed how the list of ailments that can be eased by water jets is a long one including headaches, migraines, backaches, neck soreness, menstrual cramps, sleep disorders, and even high blood pressure in some cases.

After a long day at the job or a few hours at the gym, there is nothing better than a relaxing massage. However, sometimes the only way you can get one is with your own whirlpool tub since there isn’t always a masseuse available. Plus, they do tend to charge for their services by the hour. With your own tub, you can relax every single day if you so choose.

In Some Cases, It’s Possible To Get A Doctor’s Prescription

The best of all worlds is to get your doctor to actually write out a prescription for using whirlpool tubs each day for a chronic condition that you suffer from. You’ll have to find a doctor that agrees with that type of therapy and then start the process but it is possible. What you have to do is prove a medical necessity and you’ll first be able to save on the sales tax then in many cases your health insurance company will reimburse you for the cost, or at least part of it.

The key is you have to document that the hydrotherapy is helping your condition, whether it’s back pain or PTSD, and keep some records of visits to an independent hydro massage location. Then, take that evidence to your doctor for the prescription for the tub so that everything is transparent and clear. You might even call your insurance company to see what they require to get full payment for the tub.

If you have any kind of affliction, don’t forget that hydrotherapy works on thousands of different things that don’t even seem related. If you have some doubts, visit a location where you can soak in a tub for an hour just to try it out and if it helps your problem, you may have a long-term solution that can be installed in just a few short days.

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